Why work with us?

Some reasons client work with us here at Sansiro, and considerations when selecting a partner for your project.


Reasons clients value what we do

Everyone claims to be unique, more capable than the next firm, right? Well unfortunately in Web Development and Digital Marketing there are a pretty large pool of mediocre suppliers. We'd like to think we are anything but mediocre and client's regularly provide feedback as such. Despite this, we thought we'd take a moment to write down a few points you may consider when selecting a partner for your project.


Choosing the right partner

In our experience, working with off-shore suppliers often falls down in one of three areas:

  • a) your requirements not being properly understood
  • b) inexperienced project management staff
  • c) technically proficient tech people, but a team that lacks a focus on aesthetic, user experience, and driving the key marketing and commercial outcomes you need
Our process, is engineered end to end to avoid these problems

Sansiro Media is not your average cheap and cheerful offshore agency.   Everyone says that right?  (Trust me, I’m a doctor!).  The reason we don’t stuff up projects for our clients is pretty simple: Experience.

Our team has delivered hundreds of websites for Australian and International companies of all sizes – one man bands to large corporates.     We have run 3 separate digital agencies, managed large multi-disciplinary digital teams.

Off shore prices, on-shore results

With Sansiro you are getting access to big-agency resources, at off-shore rates.   We can usually build a site of the quality you might expect from a large, established local digital agency at around 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost of getting that done on-shore.    How can we do that?

Well we do utilise a team of off-shore Bali based resources who we’ve hand picked over many years of working with them.   Secondly, we overlay our experience to guide the design and build process.   We stay in very close contact with our clients to ensure we have an ‘in your bones’ understanding of what you’re trying to achieve with the site, and we offer advice and guidance at every stage – we typically don’t let our clients fall into the common traps of building websites.  Lastly, we apply a solid background in User Experience design and Digital Marketing through every step of the project.

Lastly, the proof

Checkout our portfolio of website projects for examples of site’s we’ve built for customers recently.