Elementor and Ele Custom Skin – Creating Custom Post Repeaters

So when you work with Elementor and come to build a more involved site, the need to support ‘listings’ of various types often arises.   These could be blog listings, testimonials, property listings, job listings, hotel listings, movies, even image sliders – just about anything you can think of!   Over time and with lots of trial and error I worked out how to drive Elementor Pro and Ele Custom Skin (plus Ele Custom Skin Pro) to achieve this but when I was starting out it would have been really useful to have someone walk me through the steps.   Well that’s what I’m going to do with this blog post – is walk you through the steps of how to do this.

2023 Update: These days Elementor has ‘loop grid’ and ‘loop carousel’ widgets built in natively – so much of what is shown below using Ele Custom Skin can now be done with native elementor widgets.

Let’s dive in:

1. Plugins – getting started and what plugins we are going to need to create custom post repeaters:

2. Creating a custom post type with Custom Post Type UI.

Note: Video 7 in this series (about 2/3rds of the way through – shows that I forgot to tick the “Has Archive” setting when creating the custom post type in this video)

3. Creating a category structure or ‘taxonomy’ for my custom post type:

4. Creating custom fields and linking them to custom post types for display on the front end

5. Structure of displaying custom posts – archive layouts, single post layouts, post repeaters. Quick demo of a basic post repeater on a page

6. Using Ele Custom Skin to create a custom Loop layout for post repeaters.

7. (Part 1) Creating an archive template / layout for automated layout of archive pages.

(i got stuck a bit in this video trying to work out why I couldn’t set the archive display rules/ conditions – traced it back to a setting mistake I made in video #2 – this video shows the fix).

7. (Part 2) Creating an archive template / layout for automated layout of archive pages.

8. Creating a single-post template / layout and customising this.

(also some brief info on settings in Ele Custom Skin Pro about using repeaters and settings to make entire post clickable).


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