English speaking, capable, Virtual Assistance (VA) staff at affordable off-shore rates, based in Bali. Supporting Australian professionals for over 15 years, and giving you a great reason for tax-deductible holidays in Bali !


Off shore staff

We offer skilled administrative, data entry, and “Virtual Assistant” resources. Our staff have skills in MS Office, Google Apps, and a range of cloud based collaboration tools. We have well established processes for document exchange, data sharing, and sharing email inboxes allowing our team to make you or your business much more efficient.

Staff profiles

To give you a sense of our team, here’s a profile of a few resources we’ve recently placed in VA roles for our clients. 

Meet Ayu

Ayu has been working for herself running a Transport business in Bali working for Australian families and travellers in arranging all their holiday transport.  She has a degree in Economics, good English skills, and strong computing / online skills.  Covid19 brought an end to her transport business and she’s been working as a VA for the past 2 years. 

She handles Facebook posting for clients, Office (Excel, Word), and Email processing for clients.  Her English is perfect for communication with you, but not 100% native-speaker fluency so probably not enough to deal with your clients representing your company.  

Meet Imelda

Imelda is a senior team member with a strong management background.  Prior to working with Sansiro she was managing a team of 40 hotel staff for a major Bali hotel chain for the past 5 years.   

Imelda has a degree in Accounting, near perfect English and plenty of initiative and a proactive approach to her work with our clients.  Imelda has been working with us for over 12 months and managing customer service and new client onboarding, for an American fitness franchise outlet.  

Imelda has heavily accented English but her English skills are near perfect and suited to almost any task required of her. 

Meet Trisna

Trisna is a recent arrival to our team, and is 2 years out of university graduating with a degree in Business / Accounting and having worked in administration for a Bali surf outlet for 18 months.   Trisna’s English is fine for written communication and dealing with your remotely but not strong enough for direct client communication.

Trisna’s has been working for a Perth based client handling online invoice and account processing, (Xero), data entry, and organising schedling for our client’s exec team.

Just a few of the things our staff help with....

VA / Admin or IT staff

Why outsource to Bali?

  1. Sansiro takes advantage of less expensive resource, and infrastructure costs in Bali, and passes on these savings to you, while maintaining high standards of quality and process.
  2. Experienced management team available at all times to assist you in the event that your requirements are correctly translated and understood by our Bali based team – avoiding misunderstandings, which are one of the most common pitfalls of outsourcing.
  3. Bali itself, is just 5.5 hrs from major Australian cities and a lovely location to combine Business and holidays, in a tax deductible way.
  4. Most critically our VA staff are friendly, competent, hand-picked by Australian professionals and get you the result you need.

Why work with Sansiro?

Cloud experts

We’re experienced in a range of cloud tools and technologies (Basecamp, Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office365 etc)  supporting smooth remote  working. 

Flexible resourcing

Scale your VA resources up or down based on your workload.   Our flexible resource pool and pricing model makes this easy.   Start small and trial us before you ramp up.

Get back your time

Let our team handle the administration so you can regain valuable hours in a week to focus on growing your own business. 


How we engage

  • You hire administrative resources directly from Sansiro based on 2 monthly, renewable agreements which may be terminated with 2 months notice.
  • You can hire 1/4, 1/2 or full time resources
  • Costs typically vary from 15% – 40% of Australian equivalent salaries depending on the level of English and professional experience you require.
  • We guide you on successful models of working with your Bali resource, and our management staff are available to assist in the event of miscommunication or issues. 
  • We use have our own tools and technologies to collaborate remotely or we can follow your company standards.

Our location

Download our pricing sheet

Pop your details in below and we’ll email you a link to download our pricing sheet for VA staff for 1/4 time, 1/2 time and full time contracts including pricing tiers based on experience and language skills.