Social Media Advertising

Social Media Ads

Managed by experts, targeting socially relevance audiences

In recent years Facebook has evolved its advertising offering. Many businesses focus only on “Organic posting” to their Facebook wall with photographs, news and updates. While this practice is a valuable way to build awareness and engagement with your brand, it requires a very significant volume of page likers / fans to have a significant impact.

We focus on

Selecting the right social publishers and channels to suit your needs

Focused development of audiences based on interests, demographics and behaviour

Effective conversion mechanisms including landing pages, lead forms and solid reporting on results

Why pay for ads...

...when I can post to my wall for free?

The reason for this is that a typical Facebook or Instagram post might achieve only 7 – 12% of page-likers viewing the post meaning that even if you have 10,000 page likers, perhaps only 1,000 would see any post, and 30 – 50 users may engage, comment or like the post.  Of course there are viral posts that drive far better results than this but creating viral content is not easy.

When promoting products and services therefore, organic posting is typically not the “fastest path” to achieving new customers, purchases or bookings and often has a low level of success in these endeavours.   This does not mean it should be ignored, and over time it provides a useful way to build community around your brand, with your loyal customers.

What type of advertising

...should I be running on Facebook?

Many businesses have tried to “Boost” a post on Facebook and received few results and formed a negative view of Facebook paid ads, however we find there are two forms of advertising which work well using Facebook as the channel.

Traffic Ad campaigns shown on Facebook, Instagram and LinkdIn show your ads to users in their newsfeed and send them to your website when the user clicks on the ad. These must be setup using appropriate targeting including Location, Demographics, Interests (relevant to your offering or industry), Remarketing (shown to your past website visitors), or Job Title 

Driving Leads Directly

...from within Facebook / Google / LinkedIn

Leads ads campaigns use similar tight targeting as above, which show your ads to users in their newsfeed which present a popup response form directly inside Facebook when the user clicks. This is auto-populated with name, email, phone number from their Facebook profile. When the user responds, you receive lead information via email directly to your inbox.