Search Engine Optimisation

How we

Get your website to the top of Google’s Search Results

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of raising your website’s ranking amongst the free listings on Google. The vast majority of users click on the Organic Listings, as this is usually where Google’s search engine has identified the most relevant results based on the user’s search – and users are subconsciously trained to expect the best results in these positions, over time.

We focus on

Good website structure (words used in titles, headings, page content, meta tags and search engine friendly menu amongst other factors)

Comprehensive content strategy (building pages / articles on your website which address your audience's needs and are worth linking to)

Link outreach and building trust and domain authority

Good website structure

On-page optimisation

Sansiro help customers research the most relevant keywords for their industry, and then review their website structure, headings, keywords and titles and where these need changing to optimise for Google.  If we built your website, we can go ahead and make these changes directly on your website.

If we did not build your website, we will write a detailed report with instructions for your web developer to implement.   For WordPress sites however, in most cases we can also implement changes we recommend directly, except for PageSpeed, or template structural changes where you may need assistance from your web developer.  We will advise if this is not the case upon commencing a detailed review of your website.

Quality Content

A solid content strategy

Your site needs to have at least 15 – 20 pages of good quality content to give it the best chance to rank well on Google.  More (relevant, well written) content than this will further improve results.   If you can bolster this further with a blog, or if you have other product guides, project listings, discussion forums or other keyword rich content on your site this will also allow you to have a strong content base to ensure Google can develop a clear idea about the purpose of your site and help it rank well.

Links to your website

Creating Trust / Authority

Having links pointing to your site from other sites, drives your website position higher in Google’s ranks when people search for your product or service.   A link to your site is a ‘vote’ of its importance and trust in the eyes of the internet.  This is arguably up to 60% or more of the influence on your position in the Google search results.  You need to obtain as many inbound links as possible to rise to the top of Google.

We source and generate links to your website from guest blog posts and industry / related websites.   We arrange or bloggers to write guest posts which includes an editorial link pointing to your site. 

We partner with blogs that  themselves have a solid search engine profile based on the major industry scoring sites, and we carefully select the sites used for a range of trust and quality factors.