Outsourced Staff

Virtual Assistance (VA) staff, admin and IT staff including software testers, developers and more.


Off shore staff

We offer skilled IT, web and mobile development and online marketing resources at a fraction of the cost of employing the same resources in your country. We also offer administrative, data entry, and “Virtual Assistant” resources.

VA / Admin or IT staff

Why outsource to Bali?

  1. Sansiro takes advantage of less expensive resource, and infrastructure costs in Bali, and passes on these savings to you, while maintaining high standards of quality and process.
  2. Experienced management team to ensure your requirements are correctly translated and understood by our Bali based team – avoiding misunderstandings, which are one of the most common pitfalls of outsourcing.
  3. Bali itself, is just 5.5 hrs from major Australian cities and a lovely location to combine Business and holidays, in a tax deductible way.


How we engage

  • You hire full time IT or administrative resources directly from Sansiro based on six monthly, renewable agreements which may be terminated with 2 months notice.
  • Costs typically vary from 20% – 35% of Australian equivalent salaries.
  • We guide you on successful models of working with your Bali resource, and senior management staff are available on casual hourly discounted rates to assist at key times of clarifying requirements.
  • We use have our own tools and technologies to collaborate remotely or we can follow your company standards.