Google Ads

Effective Google Ads Campaigns

To have your business advertisement show up in the paid listings, we setup an advertising campaign with Google AdWords using their online tools. We add the “keyword” search phrases that users might type into Google, which will trigger the display of your ad such as “Dress Shop Melbourne”.



Google make it free for your ad to be displayed, however you pay each time a Google searcher clicks on your advertisement, and this sends them through to your website and Google charge a small fee for this, hence the name “Pay Per Click”.   How much you pay for each click depends on how many other people are also advertising, as each advertiser “bids” to have their listing appear higher in an auction style system. 

How does it work?

Let's explain

We work with you to agree a “Daily Budget” which we enter into Google for your campaign.   Google will continue to show your ads each day, until enough people have clicked on your advertisement to finish your budget for that day.   Once the daily budget has been consumed, Google cease advertising until the beginning of the next day.    You pay us a management fee to manage your campaign, and to use our expertise to tune it to drive the best results.   For the cost of clicks that Google charge, we put your credit card details into Google and they bill you directly once every 10 days or so, based on your daily budget.


The positives

  • The instant we enable your campaign, you start to get visitors coming to your website (results are fast).
  • Once we have visitors coming to your website, we can quickly establish if the site design, layout is successfully leading people to enquire or buy from your website.

...and negatives

  • You only continue to receive traffic while you are running the campaign (paying Google)
  • Over the long term, the cost per click tends to increase as more advertisers enter the market and competition for clicks increases