Channel strategy


The right channels and advertising media can be the difference between success and a lot of wasted money.

When contemplating new approaches to promoting the businesses with Digital Marketing, an at-time dizzying array of options exist (and recommendations from collegues / friends) making selection of appropriate channels a daunting task. We have provided the following information to attempt to support and guide you towards good choices in this regard.

We focus on

Matching your type of business and market to the right channels and audience

Careful selection of targeting based on location, demographics and interests

A focus on accurate tracking and reporting to measure effectiveness of your channels, audiences and ad spend


User Intent

The following are some of the common digital marketing promotional channels and their function and suitability for businesses of certain types.   ‘Search advertising’ where users type something like ‘sunglasses brisbane’ into Google provides an opportunity to reach people at the moment they are service-seeking where showing banner ads or social ads to people is to some extent a ‘distraction advertising’ mechanism as their primary online activity at the moment when they see ads is not necessarily service-seeking in nature.

A user’s goal at the moment of engaging is referred to as ‘user intent’ – understanding their primary goal is crucial to using the right method to attract their interest.


Channels that may suit you

Disclaimer: the follow is a generalisation and may not be true of all businesses in these categories but if you’re staring to the abyss of options and don’t know where to start, this table will help.  A conversation with us can also provide additional guidance.  Contact us.